Compact Mini Square Swan Lake Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box (s)  콤팩트 미니사각 백조의호수 뮤지컬 오르골 보석함(소)/유치원 어린이집 딸생일선물/어린이날선물/크리스마스선물/여자아이 생일선물/여자친구선물

* plays sweet music, ‘swan lake’  when opened
- wind up the music box and watch the ballerina spin to the music
- square shaped music box with mirror on inside of top lid and a drawer
- The cover features a ballerina figurine.
- perfect gift-giving idea
*  Music: The Spiriting Away of Sen and Chihiro - Always With Me
*  Color: White, Pink
*  Material: MDF, paper coating
*  Original retail price: USD25.50 + Delivery Charge
* Focus on details and pursuit of quality, Super cute color for little girls, It is the favorite gift for girl.

IMAGINE HER REACTION as she( granddaughter, niece or daughter) opens her ballerina music box for the first time and gasps when she sees her beautiful ballerina dance to the magical SWAN LAKE tune for the first time. It’s a PRECIOUS MOMENT that you’ll want to capture especially if it is her first jewelry box.

* 구입시 사이즈를 꼭 확인하시기 바랍니다. - 사이즈가  작은 깜찍한 콤팩트형으로 실속있고 알찬 구성으로 귀중품을 자신만의 공간에 은밀히 보관할 수 있는 특징이 있습니다.  


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